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Paul’s Picks – Second Week of August 2017


Welcome to Paul’s Picks, a weekly segment where Paul showcases some the best deals on the market here in the Peninsula. From single-family homes and condos to 2-4 units and large apartments complexes even vacant lots. Paul closely and constantly monitors a wide arrange of product types seeking out the market opportunity that you might not have thought about. If you would like to discuss a property in more detail or find out about other properties that may fit your needs better please give me a call at (650) 348-2020.


Paul’s Pick #1 – 254 Taylor Boulevard – Millbrae [click here for more]

For my first pick, I have 254 Taylor Boulevard in my favorite neighborhood of all of Millbrae, the Lower Highlands. This is a great value-add opportunity because there’s money made not only by updating the services by expanding upon the square footage of the house itself. Like many of the Neil Scholtz homes of this neighborhood, they easily let themselves add that third level, thus creating your dream master suite or even two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs. The over 7300-square foot lot allows for this expansion, so whether or not you’re an investor looking for a flip, or you’re a homeowner looking for a home that will grow as your needs and possibly more important your wallet grows, then 254 Taylor Boulevard is for you.



Paul’s Pick #2 – 570 Edgewood Road – San Mateo [click here for more]

For my second pick this week, I’m taking you to another one of my favorite neighborhoods in the peninsula, and that’s San Mateo Park to a home located at 570 Edgewood Road. I really like the innovation of this home, they kept that old-world charm but giving you all the modern-day amenities. But what really caught my eye though was a 12,600-square foot lot it resides on — ideal for entertaining. Now, I would recommend this home to a lot of you Hillsborough buyers out there, looking to get in Lower Hillsborough with its proximity to downtown Burlingame, but you don’t want to pay that premium, I would highly recommend 570 Edgewood Road at just over 1100-square foot, it’s an absolute bargain.



Paul’s Pick #3 – 414 Northwood Drive – South San Francisco [click here for more]

For my final pick this week, I have more of an entry-level home for you guys at 414 Northwood Drive in the Brentwood Neighborhood of South San Francisco. This 3-in-1 is a great value-add opportunity and this neighborhood is perfect for you first time home buyers, but why this is a pick is because this home has just entered its third week on the market, telling me that it’s overpriced. I think if they would have listed it for 699, they would have jumped to about that $800,000 mark, so take advantage of those marketing misqueue; anything below 800,000 is an absolute steal.





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